Looking for reading inspiration?

Do you ever find yourself wondering what to read next? Our aim at Fiction Explorer is to enhance your enjoyment of reading by providing suggestions of new authors who write in a similar style to your favourite novelists. Our online tools, Who Else Writes Like…? and Who Next…?, can provide you with lots of ideas for your next read.

Who Else Writes Like…? is a readers’ guide to adult fiction designed to answer the question “I’ve read all the books by this author, whose books can I try next?”

Who Next…? is an equivalent tool for children’s fiction, designed to help parents, teachers, librarians and children themselves, to find new stories for them to enjoy.

Our online tools are available in public libraries and schools across the World, where they are considered to be the go-to reference tool in advising readers. Unlike other sites offering book suggestions largely based on sales data, our resources are widely respected for being informed by a team of fiction experts and for being regularly reviewed and updated.

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