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About Us

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Who Else Writes Like…?  and Who Next…? were originally developed by LISU (the Library and Information Statistics Unit) at Loughborough University. Who Else…? was first published in print form in 1985, and Who Next…? in 1999.

Early in 2010, LISU launched a web-based version of Who Else Writes Like…?, with all the features of the book available at the click of a mouse. One advantage of an online tool is that it does not require a physical format, and so can be updated more frequently than a printed book. A web version of Who Next…? followed in 2011.

Regular updates add new authors, with suggestions, and ensure that the links work both ways. Author details are amended where necessary, website links are updated, and new prize winners added when they are announced. Recommended titles are added to whonextguide.com.

Although the online and printed versions ran alongside each other for several years, sales of the books dwindled in response to demand for online resources, and the decision was made to stop producing the books. This enabled more resources to be allocated to the websites.

The aim of the websites has always been the same as that of the books – to encourage readers to try the works of new authors and to open up to them the wealth of good reading that is available in their local public library and bookshop.

Following the closure of LISU in early 2018, the University took the decision to stop supporting the readers’ guides. Not wishing to witness the demise of these very valued and popular online tools, a small dedicated team of individuals, who had been instrumental in the development of the guides whilst under the care of LISU, negotiated with the University to take over ownership of the guides to ensure the future of the resources. A new company was formed, Fiction Explorer Ltd, which now administers both online resources.