Promotional Material

Promotional Material

We have put together a selection of promotional material to encourage users to explore Who Else and Who Next.

If your library or school subscribes to Who Else and/or Who Next, we encourage you to promote their use by downloading, and using in print and/or electronic media, any of the material provided on this page.

From time to time, we may add to this collection, so please revisit this page occasionally for new materials. If you have any specific requests not covered here, you are welcome to contact us.


QR codes

We have created two QR codes for each website (available in black and purple for WE, and black and green for WN).

Click on images above to download zipped file containing Who Else QR codes

Click on images above to download zipped file containing Who Next QR codes


Download logos for use on your website or publicity material. Note: only subscribers to Who Else and Who Next have permission to use the logos shown below.

Logo font and colour information

Who Else logo
Font: Arial Rounded MT Bold (regular)
Colours: RGB (104, 31, 121); hex: #681f79.
Who Next logo
Text font: Comic Sans MS (regular)
Colours: RGB (0, 128, 130); hex: #008082.

Book slips

Click on the images below to download and print book slips. PDF download files include book slips with editable areas.

Shelf labels

For users browsing library shelves looking for inspiration, we have created editable shelf labels. Display these on shelves to draw attention to alternative authors. Great for library users who have read all the books written by their favourite authors. Simply download, edit, print and display!