Who Next for School Library Services

Who Next for School Library Services

Wondering what to read next?

www.whonextguide.com is an online resource which helps children and young people discover authors who write in a similar style to their favourite writers. It is designed as a tool to help teachers and school librarians to guide children who have already enjoyed stories by one writer to find other authors they will enjoy reading.

Subscriptions are available for one, two or three years. Pricing for School Library Services operates via a series of nine size bands, based on child population numbers or LEA pupils and schools. If you are interested in subscribing, please email [email protected] for more information.

Additional information

SLS licences offer unlimited access for staff and pupils.

There are multiple ways in which users can access www.whonextguide.com.

  • Username & Password – single Username and Password provided to each school
  • IP Based Login – the IP addresses of SLS computers can be registered to provide automatic login for users
  • URL Based Login – users are automatically logged on when visiting a license‑specific URL. This link must be published on a secure website, but has the advantage of offering offsite access for users

Access is configured via an easy to follow administration area of the website.